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Instrument seal:HB-M104     
                     Item code:HB-PM104



High quality plastic seal HB-M104



1. ISO/PAS 17712

2. ISO 9001:2008

3. C-TPAT compliant



1.Materials: ABS plastic

2.Metal insert lock mechanism,stainless steel locking piece.

3.One-piece construction

4.With RFID chip

5.Dimension: 24mm(L)*18mm(H)*9mm(W).

6.body is transparent for the visual control of integrity, lock insert is nontransparent.

7.Metallic spiral wire:stainless steel wire coated plastic, iron wire, copper wire.

8.0.6mm diameter wire with standard length 30cm, length is also available on request.

9.The wire can be supplied separately or attached at the seal itself.

10.Installation:Pass wire through two holes in the body,and then push the lock insert down to achieve perfect closure.

11.Removal by cable cutters

12.Approx. tensile strength:19KG

13.Operating temperature: -20˚C to 80˚C/-4˚F to 176˚F


Airlines, Cargo, Container, Trucks, Containers, Rail freight, Warehouses,
Courier bags, Cash bag, Post bags, Lockers, Tote box, Pins, etc.


laser engraving

Your company name or logo

Sequential number

Bar code decoration can also be available


Any other color can be available.


Standard packaging:1000pcs/ctn

Carton dimension:36.5cm*24cm*18cm

Gross weight:3.6KG

Net weight:2.9KG

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