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H30 GPS LOck     
1. Introduction
The H30 GPS lock is composed of a combination lock, a GPS chip, a transmission card and a low power consumption ARM chip. The user can look up the location and working trace of the lock by the website. Short massages and emails are automatically sent to appointed cell-phone and mailbox with the information of closed and opened times, location, and battery level of the lock. Users can also manage their equipments and get analysis reports through the VIP system.
2. Applications
* Positioning and track-tracing service for containers, trucks and machines.
* Equipments management.
3. Features
* With double function, code lock and positioning device.
* Alarm function.
* Powerful support from online system.
* High stability, reusable, low power consumption and long working time.
4. Specifications
* Size: 106 mm × 56 mm × 39 mm; Operating temperature: -20 °C~80 °C
* Lock ID: total 6 numbers (e.g. AA0000), printed on the seal surface and stored in the chip
* Closed and opened time: Year-Month-Day: Time (e.g. 2013-09-30 20:20)
* Password: 3 numbers.
* Track frequency: typically every 30 min (customizable from 1 min to 24 h)
* Working time: typically 30 days (customizable from 15 days to 2 years)
* Transmission mode: GSM, WCDMA, CDMA (customizable).
* Alarm: short-messages.
* Waterp roof, sun-resistant, crush-resistant, shock-proof, explosion-proof
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