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Customer service center is Winbond sealing lock company limited very important divisions of the. Her main job is: customer acceptance of integrated consulting business, for customers to provide technical support; accepting, coordination, handling customer complaints, to solve customer problems; active communication with customers, understand customer contact, feelings and needs, timely customer feedback and properly handle.Customer service center under the customer management and technical services. Customer management of the main customers receive a comprehensive business consulting, technology services department main products to provide customers with pre-sale, sale, after sale technical support and solutions. In order to make every customer can be satisfied with the service, and with the company to maintain good relations of trust, we emphasize the importance of customer service in the targeted and effective, and the acceptance of responsibility system, i.e., on each and every customer a phone, every problem to be in charge of, make each other promote feelings, deepen understanding. If you have any questions about our products and demand, or our services have any comments and suggestions, please feel free to communicate with us, we will make all-out efforts, for your dedicated service. Your satisfaction is our service purpose, common development with customers is our persistent pursuit.
In the future, the customer service center of all employees will be warm friendly customer service, with brilliant casting.
Service mission:
Design and manufacture of sophisticated products, and strive to improve every kind of product technology content, enhance security, safety performance of pseudo. To help customers choose to suit their own products, to allow more customers to understand our products, services in various sectors. Division I provide pre-market product, sales, customer service all in one service, and free customer service hotline: 400-689-2300, for customers to provide online consulting services.
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